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Silicone cloth bag takes you to understand the source of the bag
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-22

The bag originated in the late 18th century, this long rope system in the small bag easy to hold in the hand of the design, has become a veritable "package" prototype.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Europe opened the door of the world, large tourist bags in line with the birth, 20th century early in various styles of cosmetic bags, such as shells, feet, door locks and so on, swarmed.

The arrival of World War II, the lack of supplies, bags into luxury goods, so that the development of bags fell to the bottom. But did not think, because of the shortage of supplies, women's bags instead of canvas bags to the designer a new inspiration-shopping bags.

After the war, the price of bags surged, began to become the exclusive product of the upper class, but also represents the identity of the logo, bags began to have their own brand. The popularity of computers and cameras, but also let the bag appear more styles, like flowers.

Until the 20 's, fashion began to become popular, no longer just the exclusive of the upper class, the bag also began to show its characteristics, a variety of ornaments, brands to float on the surface more and more diverse.

Bag development to today, a myriad of styles, such as: satchel, backpack, handbag, briefcase, makeup bag, 0 wallets and so on.

Recently, I heard that there is also a new package will be launched into the market---Silicone Cloth Bag, this is a brand new product, the surface of the use of silicone layer, inside the use of cloth, specific details also need to wait for the release of new products.

Different packages have different maintenance methods, such as this package,

Silicone Cloth Bag Maintenance

First. Usually do a good job of cleaning the baby, you can directly with the detergent hand wash cleaning,

Second. Prevent cutting by sharp instruments. Sharp products, bags to avoid touching the sharp device.

So what kind of spark will be collided with a brand new package listing? Let's keep an eye on the dynamics of Beautiful Earth Ltd.