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Silicone handbag manufacturers to explain the development history of bags
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-21

Talking about bags, people will think of bags, the development of leather bags from the birth of the early 19th century to the present is the wind vane pursued by people. People pocket to the first generation of handbags began, is the pursuit of a practical, fashionable, fashionable, noble social way of life for women.

Now on the market package style is quite many, some women like greedy cheap, but buy inferior leather bags, resulting in environmental pollution. Because the bags are made of polyethylene, vinyl, transparent plastic and a variety of synthetic fabrics. Synthetic material package has a certain pollution of the environment, which requires a new material material to do bags, we deliberately introduced silicone bags, silicone bags environmental protection, wear-resistant, elastic, smooth surface. Silicone bags are both environmentally friendly and can be used as an ornament. Beautiful and elegant! The silicone bags We now develop are in the following styles:


You see the above package Baussan from a company. Shenzhen benevolence and XING Plastic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. production, is a 10 R & amp; d, development, production, sales, integration of the production of silicone car key package on the basis of the development of a few in line with modern Volkswagen women's silicone bags, the company advocates people in the pursuit of gorgeous appearance, do not forget to bring something to decorate their appearance , that's the silicone bag,Silicone 0 WalletSilicone Cloth BagWait.

Whether women or men go out always to a briefcase, 0 wallets, handbags and so on, because they go out always bring something out, for example, most of the women out of the bag always with some cosmetics or paper towels, charging treasure, charging line and other items, all need a bag. Since you choose a bag, why not buy silicone bags, both environmentally friendly and practical. Small part of the recommended silicone bag to everyone, only we all give a little contribution, then we this earth will become a beautiful blue sky.