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Silicone cloth bag Manufacturers tell you the variety of bags classification
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-22

The development of the package to the 21st century today, has been more than more than 100 years of history, and its variety category is innumerable. What do you know, and how many? The following is a small compilation of your Science bag classification bar!

First sorted by purpose, divided into: Briefcase, photo bag, cosmetic bag and wallet.

Briefcase: To solid crisp mainly, the shape of the square, rectangular, square mainly, carrying the way is mostly carrying, back, clip mainly.

Photography Bag: External to waterproof fire resistance, the internal design of sponges, anti-vibration and moisture. The shape is based on a single shoulder bag and a double shoulder bag.

Cosmetic bag: To exquisite and small mainly, convenient to carry small things, materials are mostly lightweight materials, wear-resistant, plastic box cloth production is lighter,Silicone Cloth BagBetter for it.

Wallet: wallet to exquisite and exquisite mainly, easy to carry, palm size, material is mostly wear-resistant material; Recently the network began to appear a 0 wallet, the main material for silicone, wear-resistant small and easy to carry.

Sorted by function, there are telescopic bags and zipper backpacks and so on.

Telescopic Package: A wide variety of bags, no fixed bracket, no fixed style, multi-function set in a, can be used as wallets, cosmetic bags and so on, more suitable for young women to apply

Zipper Backpack: Mostly a single shoulder backpack, loading things, wild, school and so on can be used, multi-functional storage bags, traditional classic backpack.

After introducing so many kinds of bags, and people usually do not know how to choose, simply explain to you: first of all, What we have to consider is the shape. Size must be in line with their own needs, too big or too small are not suitable, consider mainly to long-distance travel, or simple out, to put into which cosmetics, these need to be taken into account, if it is for travel travel and use, then can be based on their suitcase about the remaining space to choose a softer Kind of make-up bag. If we use some bottles and cans of cosmetics on a daily basis, then it is best to choose a more wide cosmetic bag, such as a box-style.