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Silicone cloth bag for new members of BE
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-21

October 9, 2018, Guangdong Province Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd. developed a new material, called silicone cloth, and made from this material into a silicone bag, let's take a look at the picture below.


Silicon cloth bag brand brand set up the original intention

Most package products wear out with the appearance and are not easy to clean dirty marks.

These losses will increase the frequency of bag replacement, resulting in unreasonable waste,

This is due to the invention of silicone tape (patent number 201821255330.5).

Silicone bags In order to avoid these unreasonable waste. Design of bag products with silicone protective layer,

Consumers offer more durable. Waterproof, easy to clean products.


ThisSilicone Cloth BagBecause of its colorful, durable, long-time use will not fade, and itself is green non-toxic, quite in line with today's global environmental protection theme, once launched caused a lot of businesses to consult ordering. It can be seen that its market competition heat is still relatively high.

This silicon tape package mainly young fashion minimalist style, has now begun to face the world's official sales, it is understood that developers to develop this bag is the same name as LV and other brands as the goal, the idea is very bold! As the saying goes, how bold people are, how big the land is! Here, let us wish this silicone cloth bag can be famous at an early date!

Bags, women aesthetic romantic atmosphere, elegant sense of craftsmanship, interpretation of low-key luxury life attitude, perfect design style, in line with the new needs of modern women, for romantic and elegant life to add color. Its hundred, practical, noble temperament, is the core beauty of this bag, integrated material moving curve, so that bags hundred baise, natural brilliant, just right to show the female style.

Flowers and good, that natural but naturally, caress the veins of the lychee cortex, each touch has a cordial sense of solid straight into my heart.