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Features of silicone cloth bag
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-23

       Silicone Cloth BagIs the result of finding inspiration in many bags and creating a package that fits the trend of modern society.

Every woman has so few clothes in her wardrobe that she must pick out the best looking clothes to wear when she goes out. At this time there is no need for other objects to match, especially the bag, but also women go out at any time to bring objects, because a bag, not only reflects the female dress when the collocation embellishment elegant, but also reflects the feminine temperament and elegance.

Love Bag is a woman's nature, but also the development trend of bags. The production of silicon cloth bags is based on the female love bag and the huge market demand to get inspiration. The Silicon cloth bag specification length is 500px and the width is 262.5px. The height is 150px and weighs 130 grams.

This silicone package has a variety of other bags, in the use of environmentally friendly silicone material workmanship and attractive design concept. Beyond the market to see the bag style.

Silicone Cloth Package material is made of silicone and cloth, as well as iron zipper and other materials. Silicone cloth bag In the workmanship can be divided into several parts, the first piece of ordinary cloth and silicone in the machine fused into a piece of cloth.

Made of this cloth is not a general cloth, but a piece of cloth has silicone, silicone has medium cloth cloth. Can be understood as a complex, can also be understood as a composite material cloth. Then in the well-done fabric, take it to the sewing machine, sew the quadrilateral to form the bag model, and finally with the iron zipper and silicone bracelet chain and brand block labeling. A silicone cloth bag is made.

Silicone cloth bag design concept, from the animal's outer skin protection and love of nature color generation. Because the appearance of this bag is made from the skin stripes of zebra animals and the colourful colors of nature.

A love of animal protection and nature. Colorful and charming silicone cloth bag is a new product in the bag, the future market and demand will be more and more large.