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Silicone Makeup bag teaches you how to pick makeup bags
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-22

Teach you a few tricks, how can you choose a good makeup bag? Every female beauty needs a bag of the right benefits to foil.

So shopping for a good and beautiful bag, is a very important thing.

Each woman's cupboard may have a lot of bags, but the most frequently used should be cosmetic bags, because of the makeup thing. For women is essential, choose a suit for their own makeup bag can bring you a lot of convenience, then how to choose a suitable makeup bag?

First of all What we have to consider is the shape. Size must be in line with their own needs, too big or too small are not suitable, consider mainly to long-distance travel, or simple out, to put into which cosmetics, these need to be taken into account, if it is for travel travel and use, then can be based on their suitcase about the remaining space to choose a softer Kind of make-up bag. If we use some bottles and cans of cosmetics on a daily basis, then it is best to choose a box-style, more wide cosmetic bag, if commonly used as pen-like cosmetics, it is best to choose some of the more flat cosmetic bags, which can save space, easy to use.

Secondly, the consideration is the cloth. If it is carried on a daily basis, you can choose a more wear-resistant fabric cosmetic bag, if it is used for travel, it is best to be able to choose waterproof, so as to maintain the drying of cosmetics.

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the mezzanine of the cosmetic bag. Like us in the case of daily use, generally more commonly used is lipstick and other small cosmetics, layer space is relatively small cosmetic bags. But if it's a make-up bag used in a trip, it's important to choose more mezzanine, so you can categorize the cosmetics. You can also avoid confusion when using.

Here's a selection of several of the most popular this year.Silicone Cosmetic Bag(silicone makeup bag), you'll love it.

The first: Silicone Smiling hand Bag

Paragraph II: striped handbag

Two bags are made of silicone material, can be waterproof, surface and silicone protective layer, than other materials on the market to make bags, to wear-resistant, encounter bags dirty, easy to clean, directly with detergent cleaning, do not need to worry about damage to the bag. Products are durable, more used, recommended level 5 stars