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Silicone handbag manufacturer's warm Thanksgiving
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-24

A year is about to pass, but there is one few days in November, the annual Thanksgiving Day, which is a day Thanksgiving families gathered, sharing the details of each other's gratitude, enhancing their feelings, and making people learn to be grateful.

First of all, let's talk about the origin of Thanksgiving, a festival created by the American People's original Western Heritage Festival, which has no fixed date on the initial Thanksgiving Day, resulting in a lack of uniformity in the festivals of the American States. Until after the United States declared independence, President Lincoln decided to designate Thanksgiving as a national holiday. And in subsequent laws, the fourth Thursday of November is set as Thanksgiving every year, and the general holidays will run from Thursday to Sunday. With the growing influence of the United States, the charm of Thanksgiving is spreading all over the world, affecting the people of the world.

In one day, every household of the American people will eat roast turkey, pumpkin cake, sweet potato and so on, we surround the bonfire to play a variety of games.

And in the other side of the ocean we, because of cultural differences, more introverted, expression of emotion is not to Westerners publicity wanton, so we usually rarely to the people around the expression of gratitude, especially our parents, it coincides with this day, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

This day, asSilicone handbagManufacturers of Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd. is also warm up, grateful for the encounter of colleagues, grateful for every employee who pays for the company.

In fact, Thanksgiving should not be confined to this day, as long as we are grateful, more care about the people around us, then Thanksgiving has been in, in daily life, Thanksgiving can start from the small details of life, specifically for parents to cook a meal, help parents do housework, thank the people who have been with the side, quiet to communicate and communicate, That's what Thanksgiving really means.