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Silicone handbag Manufacturers Tell you: silicone, really so good?
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-21

Recently, a lot of friends asked me, silicone products are so good? My answer is yes, why? The reason is very simple, so far today, in fact, many people do not know the difference between silicone products and plastic products, which is a misunderstanding of silica gel.

Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd. as aSilicone handbagManufacturers, we advocate the use of green and environmentally friendly degradable materials, applications developed in various products,

From this point of view, the be full range is made of environmentally friendly silicone materials. Eliminate two pollution of the earth. Be a responsible green environmentalist. This is our responsibility. It is also everyone's responsibility, and as a manufacturer of our, for the advantages of silicone, have a certain understanding, the following, to give you a brief introduction: Silicone, really so good?


First of all, silicone products, not only waterproof, anti-skid, anti-high temperature, cold, tasteless and durable and other superior characteristics, and the most important point is, harmless to the human body. In fact, silicone products have long been in the major businesses on the popular production up. For example, children's toys, travel luggage cards, key buckle on the small pendant, driving is a multi-function anti-skid pad, tea table on the cup pad, mobile phone anti-fall mobile phone shell, car remote control key sleeve and so on,

Back to the original question, silicone products are really that good? Yes, is so used, although silicone material than other materials price slightly higher, but many businesses are using silicone trademark, why?

The reason is very simple, first do not say silicone material durability and so on all mentioned above the advantages, its production process is more complex, can be printed, can be radium carving, drip glue, oil, and so on. More importantly, after this series of processes to make the color printing but off the layer, three-dimensional sense and feel is very good.

A product with multiple advantages, how can you not choose it?

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