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How to use silicon cloth bag and its maintenance
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-24

Teach you a few tricks to handle bag care! 

     It is time to change the bag season, your little sister would like to use a variety of bags to show their unique style bar, then the problem came, the bag for a long time on the surface will inevitably have stains, which makes the bag instantly dropped several grades, there is no moment want to throw away the feeling. When it comes to bags, once it has been used for a long time there will be its own fault, the purse is inevitably a variety of stains, instantly let the purse dropped a few grades! General bag how to maintain?

1,Some people send bag cleaners to dry cleaning for cleaning and maintenance. This is not advisable, shoe polish is also not to be used as a protective fluid, treatment of different bags, to use different products for different maintenance. 

2,When suede, use a soft bristles to wipe, remove stains, not too hard.Or it'll leave a trail.

3,The surface of the key bag cortex has a crack, it needs to use special grease, with a cloth stained with some grease, gently wipe can not be.

4,Bag leather class occurred to produce wrinkles, that to use iron ironing, ironing needs to use lining ironing cloth, can use the material of thin cotton cloth as a lining hot cloth.The iron should be moved all the time, can not be fixed to do a place to iron.At the same time temperature control in60-70Degree.

5,As long as the bag above will be accompanied by some bags of metal parts.Some of the other metal parts are electroplating process, a long time to become black and dark, removal is also very simple, with a toothbrush stained with toothpaste can be cleaned.

6,If packet deformation occurs.This is about the usual placement of our bags..When not in use, the package can be placed independently, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of extrusion.

7,To have a slight dyeing and yellowing..It can be soapy water heating water for overall cleaning, or take some makeup remover to wipe.。

        The above is the maintenance skills of the package on the market,

       Of course, if you choose the following new material silicone bag (Silicone Cloth Bag) The maintenance is simpler. of which paragraph3Crack, wrinkle fourth..The6The deformation of the bar, these problems will not appear, so these few do not have to worry about the emergence of.

       Silicone Cloth Bag Maintenance

       First Usually do a good job of cleaning the baby, you can directly with the detergent hand wash cleaning,

       Second, to prevent cutting by sharp instruments.Sharp products, bags to avoid touching the sharp device.