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Silicone Makeup bag tells you how to avoid cosmetic omissions on your daily travel trip
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-24

Poetry and distance, daily travel?

Each woman's cupboard may have a lot of bags, but the most frequently used should be a cosmetic bag, Because of the makeup thing. For women is essential, and girls often encounter such a trip or travel every time, cosmetics are always disgraced, is in a beautiful delicate makeup encountered a variety of embarrassment, either without this, or without that. At this time we all kinds of intimate makeup bags come in handy, small silicon to give you a little cute introduction a miniSilicone Cosmetic Bag: Small figure large capacity of the shape, very practical, no matter what color style is particularly resistant to dirty, bag accidentally dirty how to do, do not have to worry, very good cleaning clean.

Because this product is the use of newly developed silica cloth material, not only waterproof can also protect the pattern anti-fading, and good cleaning, usually careless lipstick glued to the top, with paper towels wet water wipe a few times can be erased. Particularly convenient,

Generally out of travel can be carried with you, will not occupy too much of the place, super power. Bag quality is also good oh, the bag surface has a layer of silicone made of protective film, especially wear-resistant, how to abuse can be it.

Silicone characteristics are waterproof and wear-resistant scratch, so do not have to worry about the rain will wet the bag, do not worry about getting wet bag inside the things. It is meticulous in workmanship, reasonable space, to meet your daily needs, a small shape greatly inside.

Cosmetic bag can not only for cosmetics storage, reduce floor space, it can also protect your cosmetics in all directions, so that you can find it at all times, do not lose not to miss, is it to bring you the greatest protection.