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How to add points to the external image in autumn and winter? Silicone Hand bag for your assist
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-23

Late autumn, winter is fashionable hand bag, geometric pattern reflects the personality of the bag, so that the simple bag shows not simple vision. Not only has the gorgeous appearance of the atmosphere, but also has a sufficient intrinsic, if a bag satisfies the above two characteristics, then do not hesitate to collect it. In the daily collocation, a powerfulSilicone Hand BagBe able to add luster to your look.

Simple and elegant package type, and other square package is different, classic geometry color looks more playful small fresh, silicone tape texture is very soft, feel very comfortable, hand bag although not big, just can be used as a bag bag, put in the bag will not occupy the place. and itself is very capable of pretending, usually go to work at noon to eat, loaded with some debris and mobile phones, paper towels are more than enough.

Very magical is what type of clothes are good, casual, street, lady small skirt All OK, can also hang a favorite small jewelry in the bag Oh, will let the bag overall immediately become cute up, but also increased the charm of this handbag, casual with autumn winter clothes are super beautiful.

Unlike the previous square package, there is a sense of visual hierarchy, while holding daily necessities, both beautiful and practical

The intricate printing highlights the rich visual effects and enhances the full feel of the bag. Zipper opening and closing mode smooth wear-resistant, bag walking line is very smooth, details show meticulous workmanship.

A selection of high-quality canvas fabrics, and then cloth and silicone high temperature vulcanization produced by the silicone tape, feel soft and comfortable, high-density silicone waterproof and wear-resistant, and then look at its waterproof effect, really fried chicken invincible stick

Look, it's completely non-seepage. Do you want to know the perfect bag?