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The introduction of silicone bags brings dating little benefits to girls
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-23

Now go out on a date to eat, there will always be something scattered in the backpack and very messy, holding in the hand is very strange, like change, bank card, small hairpin and other small objects, not exquisite at all, and easy to lose the missing. In this way you will think that if you buy a small storage bag on the perfect solution to these problems, small objects can be neatly placed, easy to use, only to know that the storage can also be so convenient.

Give us a grand introduction to our NEWSilicone Cloth Bag, a total of 7 patterns of silicone cloth bags have been introduced, in addition to our silicone package for the first time, there is no similar products on the market, with more than other materials of the package excellent characteristics. The package is designed on the subject of the main popular elements on the market, such as zebra lines, leopard lines, camouflage patterns, etc., to meet the needs of most people for color, in line with the modern requirements of the aesthetic.


This silicone package overall design is exquisite and small, the pattern outside a layer for soft and delicate food grade silicone, full of elasticity, wear-resistant, touch like a real person's hand, a feeling close to nature, bag inside is inside, with our exclusive logo be zipper head, pull the lock, as if into a new world ,

Bag lining for high-grade polyester cloth, thick and durable, not afraid of key cut, and then with the same pattern of the rope, put on the hand as the Elves in general, the silence is watching you, like our silicone bag appearance is small and exquisite, but every inch of cloth used to the point, no trace of excess, capacity design is very large, load the phone Key change and other small items are more than enough, not a bit of waste, since buying it, go out to take it, quickly Amway to the friends around it ~