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Silicone Cloth bag lets you get rid of the bag dirty and can't wash off the trouble
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-21

It is time to change the bag season, your little sister would like to use a variety of bags to show their unique style bar, then the problem came, the bag for a long time on the surface will inevitably have stains, which makes the bag instantly dropped several grades, there is no moment want to throw away the feeling. For example, the leather bag, many people will choose to wipe off with water, or rinse with direct water, in fact, it is easy to wash the bag, leather bags clean up is really troublesome. For example, canvas bags, good-looking with small freshness, literary flavor style is generally white mostly, emm ... The biggest drawback of white is no! Resistance! Dirty! is not careful to get dirty is not a headache, can do? Can only wash the brush directly, washed a few times after the discovery of the original let you can not control yourself to chop hands for the demons seems to disappear, there is no such feeling.

To! Small silicon here to introduce you to a new material package, now! It's me.Silicone Cloth Bag。 The material of the package is silicone tape, this cloth is not ordinary cloth, but the use of environmentally friendly silicone + canvas mixed, it is like two sides of the addition of a protective film, silica gel is its own green properties, feel a little abrasive feeling and delicate and smooth.

Unique personality to show style, patterns can also be customized at will, want how to do oh, and how to match how to look good.

Bag is particularly light, out of the door is particularly easy, bag although light but the quality is very good. The outer layer of the bag has a protective film, rainy days do not have to worry about the rain will seep into the bag, wet inside the things. God Mobile phone AH wallet AH cosmetics everything has been saved. In addition, the use of long time will not fade, and easy to clean, stain wipe on the clean.