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Silicone cloth bags for autumn shopping and work
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-21

MM-Hmm, look at the calendar autumn has been more than half, most of the country has been autumn, but goose, Guangdong region has recently cooled, cooled!! You think that's autumn? Actually, it's early ... emm. In accordance with the practice of previous years, do not experience several failures how can autumn success ~ that. Is it time for autumn clothes to get ready, too? Dress in autumn no matter how you wear it, you don't have a bag match. Cool weather is more suitable for walking away, to the downtown to hang out or the park walk is very good, a breeze blowing there is a very comfortable feeling.

Today, small silicon to introduce you to the autumn suitable for shopping bags, shopping of course to fashion is not cumbersome, gently loose out. Girls pick bags often take into account the capacity, shape design, not, practicality, convenience and so on. If commonly used is a pen-like cosmetics, it is best to choose some of the more flat cosmetic bags, which can save space, easy to use. Bags are an indispensable presence for girls, both in their daily lives and at work. It can serve to give the wholeBody image Bonus Effect of the God assist single product, not only to make a convenience, but also a variety of forced photo concave shape of the weapon.


For office workers, in the choice of bags is a bit more texture factors, to both quality and fashion, thenSilicone Cloth BagThe package is definitely the best choice for you. It is different from other bags, silicone cloth bag is reflected in the material new breakthrough, the new material is the use of environmentally friendly silicone and cloth through high-precision processing mixed, reflecting green environmental protection. Silicone tape can play a waterproof, non-fading effect, bag dirty is also very good clean, come to know more than you think of the Silicone bag bar