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Silicone wallet manufacturers to explain to you: how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products?
Edit:Shenzhen Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-21

In life is often exposed to silicone products, but many people do not know the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products how to determine the region? Next, asSilicone WalletThe production side of the Beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd. to take you to understand.

Industry perspectives

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products?

1. See Food testing certification Mark

Silicone products According to product requirements, must go through food testing certification before they can be sold. Foreign testing has LFGB (German standard), JAS (Japanese standard), FDA (US standard), BRC (UK standard), etc. Domestic testing has QS certification, 3C certification, etc.,

Domestic products If you want to export to the European and American markets, you generally need local testing reports to obtain access qualifications

2. See registered trademarks and brands

Silicone products with registered trademarks can be safely selected. Registered trademark refers to the trademark approved and registered by the relevant government departments, protected by law, trademark registrants enjoy the right to exclusive trademark. A registered trademark is a mark that identifies a commodity, service, or specific person or business associated with it. Products that do not have a registered trademark are not necessarily food safety products produced by people who are reassured by formal enterprises. Avoid buying such insecure products during the purchase process

3. Look at the texture of silicone products

Good silicone products will generally do a special layer of treatment on the surface, spray a layer of feel oil, hand feel smooth feeling. Do not make special products, surface feel rough, easy to absorb dust

1. Combustion test

High-quality silicone products tensile rebound feeling will be very good, pull permanent deformation is relatively small, generally not easy to rip off, and cut a little bit for combustion test, open fire under the white smoke and Mars, leaving the residue for the powder, and inferior silicone products due to the material purity is not enough, mixed with impurities, stretching easy to deform , the edge of the residue is black, accompanied by stench, so the material excellent identification at a glance