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Benevolence and Xing Company was founded in September 2010, has now developed into a including Shenzhen benevolence and XING Plastic hardware Products Limited Company, Shenzhen beautiful Earth Technology Co., Ltd., benevolence and XING International plastic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Company) set production, design and sales of the group, With a total area of 3000 square meters of the factory and more than 100 employees. The company has long been engaged in a variety of silicone products production and development and export business, with perfect production equipment and rich experience in design and production. The main products are:Silicone Cloth Bag, Silicone key pack,Silicone Hand BagSilicone Cosmetic Bagsuch as


Introduction to Company history

September 2015 established RYHX (benevolence and Xing) brand

Established in September 2015BEAUTIFUL EARTHBe (beautiful Earth) brand

August 2018 invention of a silicone tape, patent application number: 201821255330.5

September 2018 successful use of silicone tape in package products

October 2018 set up a silicon fabric brand, with silicone tape package products successfully listed

Brand Introduction:


1,BEAUTIFUL EARTHBe (beautiful Earth) brand was set up for the original purpose.

The earth on which human beings depend has been polluted and destroyed. We should reduce pollution, care for the earth and adhere to the principle of environmental protection.

This was born.BEAUTIFUL EARTHBe (beautiful Earth) brand.

We promote the use of green and environmentally friendly degradable materials, applications developed in a variety of products,

From this point of view, the be full range is made of environmentally friendly silicone materials. Eliminate two pollution of the earth.

Be a responsible green environmentalist. This is our responsibility. It is also everyone's responsibility.

Choose us, is to choose green environmental protection.


2, silicon cloth bag brand brand set up the original intention

Most package products wear out with the appearance and are not easy to clean dirty marks.

These losses will increase the frequency of bag replacement, resulting in unreasonable waste,

This is due to the invention of silicone tape (patent number 201821255330.5).

Silicone bags In order to avoid these unreasonable waste. Design of bag products with silicone protective layer,

Consumers offer more durable. Waterproof, easy to clean products.